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Modder started out as a passion project between guitarist, songwriter & producer Mathlovsky and his longtime companion Gregory Simons on drums. In November 2020 they released their massive first single ‘Mudslinger’. Which is an impressive 21 minute long riff-fest referencing artists the likes of Sleep and Meshuggah. Following the release of ‘Mudslinger’ bass player Maurice van der Es, guitarist Maxime Rouquart and synth wizard Simon Felix joined the duo to extend the sonic mayhem into a tight and pounding live band. Despite being completely new to the scene they have already managed a spot at this year’s edition of Desertfest Belgium.

With the debut EP ‘Mudslinger‘ you get 1 instrumental  track of over 21 minutes of a more “classic” stoner/doomy sludge sound adding an industrial touch through some synths.

I easily think of bands like Godflesh and Bongripper when getting hit with their raw sound and the music grabs me just as strongly, dragging me into a dazed trance.


The self-titled album released December 3rd 2021 through Lay Bare Recordings & Consouling Sounds. Initially it was Lay Bare Recordings who jumped at the chance to work with Modder but after witnessing their debut show Consouling Sounds was more than happy to join the party. The record’s sonic palate consists of riffs that are designed to make your neck break, supported by thundering bass lines and grooving drums. Surrounded by industrial samples and synths they forge a unique sound in the sludge landscape that Modder finds themselves in.

Modder album feature on 666MrDoom

“Modder have released a highly original album of their own and that’s down to their splendid use of Industrial Metal Grooves and the gloomy Psychedelic Synths.”

Outlaws Of The Sun

“With their ability to write captivating, massive and atmospheric music, Modder certainly establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the scene with this record.”

The Sleeping Shaman
Feature in NPO2’s Keiharde Podcast (Dutch)

“Zwaar ongelofelijk intelligent en zorgvuldig gemaakt. Hemeltergende heerlijke instrumentale sludge doom waar je lekker in weg zakt. Een kleverige emulsie die sluit boven je hoofd. En dan is het donker!”

Suzanne Bosman & Mike Arntz NPO2
artwork by George Liam Flett

Band – moddersludge@gmail.com
Labels – info@laybarecordings.com / support@consouling.be

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